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I’m having surgery this afternoon so I’m taking some time off to recuperate and rest. As a Manifesting Generator, it’s hard for me to have to take time off. I don’t like not working and I really hate not being there to share more about Human Design with you.

I love my work and nothing is more delicious to me than to watch someone discover Why They Truly Are and to begin the process of falling in love with themselves.

Because of my upcoming medical adventure, I’m including a written format of this week’s Evolution Transit Report. I’ll get back to videos shortly.

I’ve also decided to re-open my Vault Sale that I shared with you earlier this year. I’m putting EVERY Human Design product on sale for 75% off. That way, if you’re new to Human Design or you’re ready to learn more, you can go ahead and keep learning even though I’ll be laid up a bit.

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Scroll down for your weekly Human Design Evolution Report. I hope you have a FABULOUS week!!!



We start this week with the Gate 31, the Gate of Leadership in the Sun and the Gate 41, the Gate of Fantasy in the Earth. This is a powerful combination that allows us to envision a new way of coming together that is peaceful and egalitarian OR that creates leadership rooted in fantasy. It’s also a great time to take leadership with your personal dreams and visions.

We’ve been working with this energy since late last week and you may have felt inspired to begin moving forward on making your visions come to fruition. Any steps forward or actions that you’ve taken have been crucial in helping you create what you’re intending right now. Keep moving forward!

On Thursday, the energy shifts and we move into the Gate 33 ,the Gate of Retreat, in the Sun and the Gate 19, the Gate of Intimacy, in the Earth. The energy is sweet for a nice retreat over the weekend. The Gate 33 invites us to step back, make sure that we are creating from a clean slate and not carrying old baggage forward with us and, with the Gate 19 in the Earth, we are sensitive and connected with our loved ones. A nice weekend to pull back for a bit.

Also, expect secrets to be revealed this week. People will be more inclined to be totally honest with you and vice versa. Remember that Truth is healing and ultimately creates more intimacy.

Mercury moves from the Gate 62, the Gate of Practicality to the Gate 56 on Wednesday. So we shift our focus and communications from details to more story-telling. Now that you’ve gathered the information you need, taken the lessons from the past and used them in an empowering way and make a bold commitment to moving forward, you can begin to share a new story about yourself and your life…one that truly serves you!

Venus begins the week in the Gate 39, the Gate of Provocation and moves to the Gate 53 on Thursday. Anytime we see Provocation, it’s important to remember that we are being provoked into remembering that Spirit is our Source of Abundance. People, situations or things that get under your skin are only there to help you remember that your connection to Spirit is your True Source.

With the movement of Venus in the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting things, we are given an opportunity to start new in our relationships with each other. It’s a great time to remember that most of what happens in relationship isn’t personal until we make it that way…You are the source of your own abundance AND happiness.

Mars moves from the Gate 50, the Gate of Values to the Gate 28, the Gate of Struggle on Wednesday. The Gate 50 is a sweet, nurturing energy. When we move into the Gate 28, we struggle with taking a new approach to things. As we push into a new start and beginning, expect some hiccups along the way. They aren’t there to torture you. You’re just on a journey to discovering what your true priorities are. The lessons you learn from struggle will help you maintain your focus and your creative perspective.

The outer planets are stable this week. We are in a cycle of taking leadership by sharing our unique contribution to the world. Now is the time to follow your authentic life path with great courage. If you don’t, the Universe may create unexpected events that will push you into your Truth anyway, so why not start now?

We are focused, dreaming big, discovering what is truly valuable and taking bold steps towards creating a harmonious and sustainable New World.

Have a great week!! Spend some time this week meditating on your True Source of power. You are more powerful and influential than you know…