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Happy August!  I hope this note finds you well and enjoying the last month of summer!!

This season has brought me a lot of insight recently.  I recently had surgery and I’m scheduled for two more surgeries at the end of the month and in September.  Life is gently reminding me that I have to nurture myself a bit more consistently.  Ok…it’s more like I’m getting hit in the head with a big 2 x 4.

It’s hard for me to slow down.  I love my work and feel so blessed to be able to do what I do as part of my “job”.

In light of my need for a little more rest and healing, I have been looking at my weekly schedule to see what I can cut back on.  After careful consideration, I have decided to temporarily stop filming the Human Design weekly Evolution Report.  As much as I love creating it each week, it takes a lot of time and energy and for now I need to let it go.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

We’ve got some new and exciting programs coming up in the next few months and I can’t wait to share them with you.  It’s going to be a pretty exciting fall!!!

Wednesday is the last day to take advantage of the re-opening of my Human Design Vault.  I have reduced all of my products by over 75%.  If you want to learn more about Human Design or you want to become a professional Human Design Specialist, this is the last chance for you to get these prices.  Ever.

Once this sale is over, the regular prices will be posted and the only way you will be able to purchase them will be on my website at full price.  Sale ends this Wednesday, August 6 at midnight.


In the meantime, I will be sending you a short written Transit Report each week.  Scroll down to read this week’s wacky report!!

Have a glorious week!  Go outside and enjoy the sun!





Every once and a while we have a wiggy week with lots of changing energy.  This week is one of those….

 We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 33, the Gate of Retreat, moving into the Gate 7, the Gate of Self in Interaction, on Wednesday.  We start the week seeking retreat.  The Gate 33 is a powerful energy that asks us to pull back and examine what has come before.

With the shift on Wednesday, we then integrate what we’ve learned and we move forward with leadership or in support of an idea that takes a leading role.  Our quiet beginning moves into forward momentum on Wednesday, so if you’ve been feeling like hanging out at home and doing nothing, be ready for some energy to zap you and move you forward mid-week.

The Earth is in the Gate 19, the Gate of Intimacy moving to the Gate 13, the Gate of the witness on Wednesday.  Again, we have a pairing of somewhat conflicting energies adding to the push-me-pull-you quality of this week’s energy.  The Gate 19 makes us all a bit more sensitive than usual.  We are more intuitive and sense changes.  We’re also needy and seeking intimacy.  All of the intensity of these feelings can be managed by going outside and being with nature.  Or hanging out with your favorite pet.

The Gate 13 brings with it more energy of retreat.  So, even though our Sun wants us to move forward, we are grounded by watching, integrating and continuing to process the past.  This is a good recipe for some very deliberate forward movement.  We are all a little bit cautious about blasting forward without evaluating what has come before.  But it might make you feel a little conflicted about leaving the house…

Mercury makes three shifts this week from the Gate 31, The Gate of Democratic Leadership toe the Gate 33, the Gate of Retreat to the Gate 7, the Gate of Self in Interaction.  Basically we are talking about leading, retreating and then leading again all through the week.  A nice reflection of the energies moving through the Sun and the Earth.  I expect with these energies for there to be several attempts at ceasefire and bombing all over the world this week.  Be mindful on carrying these energies into your personal relationships.

Venus also does a wacky dance this week moving from the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting Things, to the Gate 62, the Gate of Practicality and finally to the Gate 56, the Gate of the Storyteller on Saturday.  We value forward momentum and practical solutions until on Saturday when we pull back and tell tall tales of our weeks adventures.  It’s also an opportunity for us to redefine our identities, our values and our stories.  If, by week’s end, we don’t like how things have ended up, we can always rewrite the ending next week.

Mars is in the Gate 28, the Gate of Struggle and with all of this shifting and changing, it’s pretty predictable that we may struggle a bit, mostly with ourselves as we try to figure out whether to stay or go, move forward or hold back, take action or wait.  The cool part about all of this is if you follow your Human Design strategy, you will know exactly what to do and when to take action this week.  Just remember to stay out of your head.

The outer planets are stable this week….THANK GOODNESS!  So we continue on our journey to discover our unique purpose in life, to take leadership with our vision, to wake up to the effortless blessings of Spirit and Abundance in our lives, the fight for what is good and right and to release the things that need to be released to create a sustainable, peaceful new world.

Remember, don’t worry about what it looks like right now.  Just keep following what feels good and right and trust your Human Design Strategy.  Next week will make a little more sense…