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It’s always interesting to me that the calendar year starts with the energies that it does.  It’s almost as if the stars are stacked against every New Year resolution we make each and every year.  Truthfully, if I was in charge of the calendar, I wouldn’t start the New Year until around January 21, when the official Human Design year begins.

We start the week on a high note with the Sun in the Gate 58, Joy.  It’s a sweet energy that we have been blessed with over the holidays but it is soon punctuated with the energy of the Gate 38, Fighting, in the Sun starting on Wednesday.

The Earth starts the week in the Gate 52, Stillness, moving to the Gate 39, Provocation on Wednesday.  This energy meets the Gate 55, Abundance, in Neptune, completing the Channel of Provocation.

The Gate 38 and 39 are part of an energy that can be challenging, mutative, provocative and can push you in ways that make you very, very uncomfortable.  Truly, this combination of energies is the perfect configuration for creating contrast in your life in every way.

But this energy has another function.  Contrast shows us what we want in life.  It’s from experiencing the tension of what we don’t want that we discover the possibilities of what we DO want.  AND, the tension we experience with this energy, especially with the Gate 55, Abundance, in Neptune, is all about helping us remember that true abundance lies in our awareness of Spirit as Source.

When you realize that the tension and contrast you are experiencing is all about helping you connect more deeply with Source and build your faith, you can integrate these lessons without fighting, provocation and despair.

And, it’s a great time to make bold New Year’s resolution with the understanding that life will challenge you as soon as you invoke the words to begin your transformation.  And the challenge is to help forge you, not break you.

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 54, Enlightenment, moving to the Gate 61, Inspired Thought, on Tuesday.  We are still having big thoughts, only with this shift, we are now taking a less grounded approach to thinking and we’re talking about things we can not be certain of, but enjoying the mysteriousness of it all….

Venus also transits the Gate 61 and we value big thoughts and our attempts to decipher the Universe.  It’s a truly mystical collection of celestial movements, so enjoy making peace with the Unknown and embracing the miracle of Life.

Mars is in the Gate 49, Revolution, this week and we are ready to create a revolution in our lives.  Think big.

Jupiter is in the Gate 4, giving us the answers for creating more power and influence in our lives.  Saturn is in the Gate 34, teaching us about power, influence and charisma.  Uranus is in the Gate 21, Control, reminding us that we are not in control but we can access our true power when we surrender to forces bigger than ourselves.  Neptune is in the Gate 55, Abundance, reminding us that Spirit is our true Source of abundance.  Pluto is in the Gate 38, the Fighter, helping us discover what is worth fighting for.  The nodes are in Gates 57, Intuition and Gate 51, Initiation, sharpening our intuition and initiating us deeper into our relationship with the Divine.

Have a wonderful week!!!!  And a Happy New Year!  Dream BIG!