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It should be a gentle week this week.  I’ve got a couple of updates for you along with your weekly Human Design Evolution Report.  

1.  Just a quick heads up…I’m part of a couple of great telesummits this week and I’ll be sharing information about how you can listen in for free this week.  I apologize if it inundates your email inbox but I’ve learned that it’s better for you if I mail one invitation at a time.  

2.  I’m heading into my third and, hopefully, final surgery tomorrow.  I’m anticipating a smooth recovering and I CAN’T WAIT to share some really cool news with you on October 28!!!!  It’s been a long journey with my body this year and I am so very ready to get back to normal and share some amazing and cool new stuff with you!!!!

3.  My friend Leah Levkowitz has published an incredible new book and I wanted to gently suggest that you check it out….If your order your copy today, you will also receive some pretty cool free bonuses…  http://www.divinelyguidedsuccess.com/book.html

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I’m posting your Human Design Evolution Report below.

Have a wonderful week!!!!!!




Human Design Evolution Report

Aaaah….big sigh of relief….Smooth sailing on the celestial seas this week…

We start the week with the Gate 50, Values in the Sun.  The Gate 50 is a deeply nurturing energy.  It’s all about cooking, loving and transmitting values.  It’s deeply responsible and when the sun transits through it we are encouraged to evaluate our lives to make sure we are walking our talk and living true to what we value.

The Gate 3 is in the Earth and we have the energy to transform our lives and our values if they are out of alignment with what is truth for us.  You may find, after weeks of Mercury being retrograde, that, as we travel the end of this retrograde cycle, that you now have the courage to make the changes you need to create a life that has greater alignment.

In other words, if your inner journey over these past few weeks has brought the spotlight to areas where you need growth and attunement, this is the week for a breakthrough.  The changes you make this week will carry you through the next Mercury retrograde cycle.

Mercury is in the Gate 57, Intuition, all week so we are intuitive.  Our communications are insightful, get to the bottom line and filled with the awareness of what is needed to move forward.  Be mindful of not being afraid of the future.  Don’t confuse excitement with fear.

Venus is also in the Gate 50, Values.  This is such sweet energy for relationships.  If you’ve done your homework and your relationships are an honest reflection of your values and of your personal value, make sure you take some time to play and truly appreciate your connection.  If you still need to do a little relationships “homework”, now is a good time to check in and see what’s necessary to make your relationship a reflection of what is truly important to you.

Mars is in the Gate 11, Ideas and we are trying on new ideas.  This is a week of deep inspiration and epiphany.  Just remember that not all ideas are worth your energy.  Only pick the ideas that are in alignment with your values and be sure that you wait for confirmation from the Universe before you leap into something new.  It is easy with this energy to feel overwhelmed with too much inspiration.  Don’t forget to share some of those ideas with others…but ask first if it’s okay to share…

We see a big shift in the outer planets.  Jupiter, the planet of blessings and rewards moves into the Gate 4, Answers.  For the last month you may have been feeling like you were struggling for clarity, lost in your head…  With this movement to the Gate 4, we now begin to receive inspired answers.

I often say, “Real life happens below the neck.”  The Gate 4 is a mental gate.  It is an epiphany to leads to a possibility.  Just because you have an answer doesn’t mean it’s the right answer.  This is an energy that demands experimentation and repetition to be sure that it’s right.  Don’t sink your teeth into the answer and adamantly swear that it’s correct.  It might be.  It might not.  But experiment with is and discover it’s validity.  The cool thing about possibility thinking and inspired action is that the Universe will send you the corrections needed to tweak the idea and make it masterful.  Think of this as Divine Spaghetti Throwing.  See what sticks.  And keep moving forward.

The other out planets hold their course.  Saturn is in the Gate 43, Assimilation and we are thinking about ways to come together around new, transformative ideas.  Uranus is in the Gate 21, Control reminding us that we are most powerful when we surrender to Divine Order and serve something bigger than our individual selves.  Neptune is in the Gate 55, Abundance, and we are learning that we are most abundant when we are true to ourselves.  Conversely, when we compromise, we pay the price.  Pluto is in the Gate 38 and we are discovering what is truly valuable in life and what is worth fighting for.

The nodes are in the Gate 57, Intuition and 51, Initiation respectively and our intuition takes us into places where are are initiated into a deeper spiritual connection and an awareness that this mundane life is actually an incredible cosmic adventure!

Have a great week!!!