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Barefoot gardener woman girl in yellow dress and hat work in garden with hoe between garlic and pea plant.

This week:  Tend to the Garden of Your Intentions!

Can I have a “hell-yeah” for this week’s transits?!!!

Ok.  Well, there’s always the possibility of the Unexpected with Uranus in the Gate 51, Initiation reminding us that Life is in charge…

But, all in all, the potential of the week is bright!

This week the Sun transits in the Gate 62, Details and we are focused on the practical side of getting things done.  It’s a great week to get organized and to think about how to put your big ideas into action, step by step.

With the Gate 61, Mystery, in the Earth, our practical side is tempered by our desire to connect to the bigger picture…the mystery of life…and we have the ability to translate the unknowable into logic giving us practical ways to apply the mysterious as well as to see the bigger spiritual wisdom in “lining up our ducks in a row”.  If how you do anything is how you do everything, this is good week to make sure that your daily life and lifestyle is a good reflection of your beliefs and what you know as Truth.

Mercury hops around this week starting in the Gate 52, Keeping Still, moving to the Gate 39, Provocation and ending the week in the Gate 53, Beginnings.  Now, remember that Mercury is the planet of communication so let’s take a minute to think about this week.  We have keeping still, aka button your lip, transiting until Tuesday when, provoke your way to some alone time transits until Friday when we get the opportunity to start something new or begin again from exhile….  Best practice this week?  Wait until you’re asked and take a breath, think and really be clear about what you want to say….

Venus is in the Gate 29, Perseverance, forces us to evaluate our commitments and, when things feel correct to trust the flow and to know that all of our hard work has paid off with clarity and reward.  BUT, there is the possibility that if you push too hard this week in the “wrong” direction, your body will let you know that it does not plan to cooperate with your mind and you may find yourself on your couch wondering why you don’t feel so well….  Be in alignment with what shows up and remember that life works better when you surrender to it…

Mars moves from the Gate 39, Provocation (Thank Goodness!!!) to the Gate 53, Beginnings, and we feel the pressure to start something new.  Remember, again, to let the Universe show you the next step and then…and only then…leap with all your might.  You will land safely.

Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, makes a big move this week from the Gate 4, Answers to the Gate 29, Perseverance.  We gain our rewards from our commitment and hard work during this cycle.  This is a powerful cycle of fruition, but, with Uranus in the Gate 51, be prepared for your rewards to look different than what you expected.  This is a time to trust that all of the intentions that you have been seeding in the Universe will begin to bear fruit if you keep tending to them every day.  The Gate 29 also keeps us on our path by helping us identify when we are off our path.  Your body becomes your barometer during this cycle so pay attention to what it’s saying to you…

Saturn still sits firmly in the Gate 14, Possession in Great Measure, and some of us are wrestling with the physical manifestations of our abundance.  We are being forced to assess how deeply we trust the Universe in very concrete and third dimensional ways.  With Jupiter in the Gate 29, holding the course and not jumping ship will pay off eventually.  Don’t give up!

Uranus is in the Gate 51, Initiated and things are likely to change course suddenly with this transit.  Nothing is as it seems and we are learning that we can only control our response to Life but not necessarily Life itself.  And yet, it is All Good.

Neptune remains in the Gate 37, Harmony, and our hearts and spirit are focused on creating sustainable answers to our toughest global questions.  We are working towards creating sustainable peace with sustainable resources for the world.

Pluto is in the Gate 38, the Fighter, adding to the tenacity of the Gate 29 in Jupiter and reminding us what is really important in life.

Another big shift in the celestial weather this week….  the Nodes shift from the Gate 17, Opinions and the Gate 18, Correction to the Gates 46, the Love of the Body and the Gate 25, the Love of Spirit.  We move from correcting patterns and making changes to the energy of re-grounding our direction in life in our physical form with vitality and acknowledging Spirit as the true Source of everything in our lives.

Bottom line:  Get to work!

Have a great week!



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Hexagram 62 – The Preponderance of the Small

The Gate of Details

Affirmation:  I use my words carefully.  My words generate form for my dreams and ideas.  My thoughts are clear and organized and I find and speak the truth with courage and consistency.

Writing Assignment:

1.  Time for tweaking again!  We’re almost half way through the year.  Time to revisit our vision and renew our commitment in words to our dreams.  Take time this week to write out your dream in words.  It is the power of pure words that create things.

EFT Setup:  Even though I feel overwhelmed with all of my thoughts, I now trust that everything will be revealed to me in due time and I patiently wait and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.