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We start this week with the Gate 31, the Gate of Leadership in the Sun and the Gate 41, the Gate of Fantasy in the Earth.  This is a powerful combination that allows us to envision a new way of coming together that is peaceful and egalitarian OR that creates leadership rooted in fantasy.  It’s also a great time to take leadership with your personal dreams and visions.

We’ve been working with this energy since late last week and you may have felt inspired to begin moving forward on making your visions come to fruition.  Any steps forward or actions that you’ve taken have been crucial in helping you create what you’re intending right now.  Keep moving forward!

On Friday, the energy shifts and we move into the Gate 33 ,the Gate of Retreat, in the Sun and the Gate 19, the Gate of Intimacy, in the Earth.  The energy is sweet for a nice retreat over the weekend.  The Gate 33 invites us to step back, make sure that we are creating from a clean slate and not carrying old baggage forward with us and, with the Gate 19 in the Earth, we are sensitive and connected with our loved ones.  A nice weekend to pull back for a bit.

Also, expect secrets to be revealed this week.  People will be more inclined to be totally honest with you and vice versa.  Remember that Truth is healing and ultimately creates more intimacy.

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 33, the Gate of Retreat and we are working with retrospection and “vacation” energy all week, even before we see the shift in the Sun on Friday.  This can make it a little hard to get your mojo going but with the Gate 29, Perseverance, in Saturn, there’s a pay off for staying focused.

On Friday, Mercury moves into the Gate 7, Leadership and we get fired up around the time when the Sun settles into “relax” mode and the “push me-pull you” energy continues.  Just stay focused on what you want and what’s truly important.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 59, Penetration, and we have a nice, juicy (and sexy) energy activating our relationship energy.  The possibilities are high for an electrical connection.  We move to the Gate 29, Perseverance, on Friday.  This is also the energy for commitment.  A nice time to take your relationship to the next level, but be mindful of entering into your commitments correctly and take your time.  If you don’t feel ready, don’t do it…

The outer planets hold steady teaching us to be practical and detail-oriented in maintaining and sustaining our daily rituals and commitments so that we can create the infrastructure that allows for a consistent and unreasonable amount of miracles to flow into our lives.  We are learning that our daily reality has to be a disciplined reflection of what we are preparing to receive and that, when we stay open, the Universe is poised to reveal to us the abundant and elegant solution to all of our challenges.

Have a wonderful week!!



P.S.  Your video for the week.  Gettin’ silly with the Dog….

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