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This week…the first week of the New Year…brings with it powerful energy for new beginnings.  It’s a great week to get started making changes in every area of your life.

Wednesday we moved into the Gate 54 in the Sun and the Gate 53 in the Earth, two powerful energies that support big thinking and new beginnings.  Take time this week to really imagine where you’d like to be in 2016.  This is the week to seed your dreams for the year. Everything always starts first in mind so really go crazy in the day dreaming department!

All of this energy is moving us towards the start of the Human Design Celestial Year on January 23, when we officially begin our new journey around the Human Design mandala.

Mercury is deeply entrenched in the Gate 60, the Gate of Innovation and we’re talking about what is working and seeing how we can improve upon it.

Venus is in the Gate 9, Focus, and we have the energy to drown out distraction and really put the pedal to the metal on our creative attention.

Mars moves into the Gate 28, Challenge, and we are wrestling with ourselves and life.  With Mercury retrograde until January 25, this is a time to take it easy on yourself, enjoy the challenges that come your way.  They’re teaching you something.  Be prepared to feel like you’re moving through molasses and nothing is going “fast enough” and don’t panic.  It will all fall into place by the end of the month.

Jupiter is in the Gate 6, Friction, and we are being blessed by our impact. A great time to share a message, write a book, and start living your life mission.

Big change in Saturn.  We’ve been working with Saturn in the Gate 9, Focus.  Now we move to Saturn in the Gate 5, Rhythm,  as of January 3.  On a personal note this means that our patterns, rhythm and habits will either support us or take us down.  If you have bad habits or struggle to maintain good habits, Saturn will bring them to your awareness and give you and extra push to be more aligned with what you want to create.

On a different level, the Gate 5 is the energy that aligns us with nature, natural and Divine Order.  This is an energy that we share with many life forms.  It points to the Gate 15, the Love of Humanity so it is in the interest of the world that we are aligned with nature.  Because Saturn is an outer planet and global in it’s influence, we are in a cycle when we are looking at the health and wellness of the planet and what we need to do to make her sustainable for the sake of humanity.  Be prepared during this cycle to see some intense evidence of what needs to be brought into alignment and let’s get to work!!!

Uranus holds stead in the Gate 51, Initiation, waking us up in unexpected and unusual ways.  Neptune continues in the Gate 37, Harmony, reminding us that our goal is to build a world of sustainable resource and sustainable peace.

Uranus ALSO made a big move on January 3 from the Gate 38, the Fighter, to the Gate 54, Ambition.  We have been discovered and growing in our awareness of what is truly worth fighting for.  Now with this new shift in energy, we are dreaming and expanding on the conscious template for a New Abundant World.  Your dreams right now lay the foundation of what’s to come in the next 10 years.  Think of your consciousness, your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions as powerful ethereal thread that is weaving the warp and the weft for the tapestry of Life that we will use and build upon for the next 10 years.  Dream big and then let Life unfold.

The nodes hold steady in the Gate 6, Friction, and Gate 36, Chaos.  We are pursuing new experiences, having impact and moving with the right emotional vibration into the next stage of mastery.

Have a wonderful week!!



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I am clear. I am focused. I am ready to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. I know that my clarity married with my aligned actions are the perfect energies necessary to create miracles in my world. I am noticed, heard, seen and recognized for what I have to offer and the Universe perfectly conspires with me to make magic happen and my dreams come true.

Writing Exercises:

What actions do you need to take that will show yourself and the Universe that you are ready for action? What steps will you take forward towards your dreams?

EFT Setup:

“Even though I’m afraid my dreams won’t come true, I now choose to dream wildly and trust that my dreams will come true.  All I have to do is focus my mind, trust and know that all will unfold perfectly and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”