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We start the week in the Gate 7, moving into the Gate 4, the Gate of the Answer in the Sun on Wednesday.  This is a week of clarity.  All the questions that you’ve had percolating for the last few weeks have the possibility of being answered this week.  Just remember, that the true answers will come to mind but must also show up according to your Human Design Strategy.  Don’t use your head for direction…it’s just a place to think about things…

The Earth starts in the Gate 13, and moves to the Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution on Wednesday.  Our answers will be revolutionary.  But, a word of caution here, revolution can be instant and a sudden reaction to a breach of values.  The answers this week come from the head first.  Beware of leaping into great change without making sure that it feels right and getting corroborating evidence from the Universe.  This is not a good week to jump to conclusions and throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Mercury starts in the Gate 59, Penetration, moves to the Gate 40, Aloneness, on Tuesday and we draw inward.  The energy of seeking to impact stays the same but the approach is different.  We retreat to integrate before we come out of our shells next week.  The important part of this energy is to not take the aloneness personally.  It’s easy with this energy to feel like no one “gets” you, but the loneliness of this energy is intended to drive you to seek out others.  It’s actually a community-building energy.  Be alone but think about what kind of impact you’d like to have.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 29, Perseverance, shifting to the Gate 4, Answers on Thursday.  We think we know what we want and value.  But remember, we’re just playing with possibilities.  Before you respond to any shifts and changes in your relationship, give yourself time to feel your way through the energy and make sure it’s correct.  Remember that commitment is about holding tight, even when the boat is rocking.  Don’t jump ship just yet.  Get clear first.

Mars starts in the Gate 56, the Storyteller, moving to the Gate 31, Leadership on Wednesday.  We are continuing to rewrite our personal triumphs and tragedies.  You may reframe your perception of yourself in the best way that serves you this week and then take leadership with your personal insights.  But remember, this is leadership that is designed to be recognized.  Don’t share what you know until you are asked.  Then, and only then, will you be powerful!

We see a big shift in the outer planets.  Jupiter moves from the Gate 29, Perseverance, to the Gate 59, Penetration on Wednesday.  Jupiter is the planet of blessings.  Whatever energies transit Jupiter increase our blessings.  We move from the energy of commitment to the energy of impact.  Your tenacity and commitment will bear fruit September 7.  This is a powerful time for you to share what you’ve integrated and learned over the past few months.  Your focus will turn to family, relationships, creating resources and it’s a great time to share any messages or important information that you’ve gleaned from keeping your head down these past few months.  We are truly moving out of the intense inner cycle we’ve been in over the summer and heading to a breakthrough into the light.

When this energy is at play, be careful of one very important thing.  The energy of the Gate 59 also includes reproduction and war.  We are still playing with fire with the Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, in the Gate 51, the Gate of Shock and Initiation.  Sex and war are both emotional generated energies.  Before you engage in sex or war, you’re supposed to wait for clarity.  Never engage in the moment.  Take your time.  Both sex and war and life and death consequences.  Don’t let the heat of the moment carry you away… Remember what we learned from the Gate 29, Perseverance….

Saturn continues in the Gate 14, Possession in Great Measure and we’re thinking about money.  Money will talk to us during this cycle and if you’re struggling, it’s a good time to ask yourself if you’re being totally authentic and true to yourself.   Saturn isn’t punishing you.  He’s just helping you get aligned with your truth.

Uranus is in the Gate 51, Initiation,bringing us unexpected twists and turns to help us remember that we aren’t really in charge.  There is a bigger, more abundant plan in place and we do better when we follow the program instead of trying to outsmart the Universe.

Neptune is in the Gate 37, Harmony, and we focus on creating inner peace and harmony amidst all the chaos AND our spiritual focus is on creating a world of sustainable peace and resources for everyone.

Pluto is in the Gate 38, The Fighter, helping us remember what’s truly worth fighting for and remembering what’s valuable in life.  It’s not necessary to spend energy on something that has no pay off.

The nodes remain in the Gates, 46, the Love of the Body, and the Gate 25, the Love of Spirit and we are wondering how to take our direction from Spirit and apply it in our every day lives.

Have a great week!!


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