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Galletas de halloween

We work this week (October 19) with the Gate 50, Values in the Sun.  The Gate 50 is a deeply nurturing energy.  It’s all about cooking, loving and transmitting values.  It’s deeply responsible and when the sun transits through it we are encouraged to evaluate our lives to make sure we are walking our talk and living true to what we value.

The Gate 3 is in the Earth and we have the energy to transform our lives and our values if they are out of alignment with what is truth for us.  You may find, after weeks of Mercury being retrograde, that, as we are out of the shadow of this retrograde cycle, that you now have the courage to make the changes you need to create a life that has greater alignment.

In other words, if your inner journey over these past few weeks has brought the spotlight to areas where you need growth and attunement, this is the week for a breakthrough.  The changes you make this week will carry you through the next four to six month cycle.

The trick this week is to stay on top of your mindset.

The trick this week is to stay on top of your mindset.

(I said that twice for dramatic effect…)

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 48, Depth, moving to the Gate 57, Intuition, on Saturday.  We are sharing the depth of what we know and what we’ve learned.  On Saturday, we are not so logical and we are filled with “knowing”, we just can prove that what we know is true.  It just is.

The trick with this kind of Mercury energy is to trust that you DO know enough, that you ARE ready and to trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to move forward.  With the outer planets teaching us to surrender, the opportunity for you to master letting go is right here in front of you.  Go ahead.  Release those fingers.  You’re not going to fall…You’re going to fly!

Venus is in the Gate 64, Doubt and Suspicion, and we are looking at life and our relationships with a critical/suspicious mind.  Remember that the purpose of this energy is to engage in conversations about possibility, not to go deep into suspicion and doubt.  Check your facts before you spin out mentally and then trust your intuition…your GUT…not your mind…

Mars is also in the Gate 64, Doubt and Suspicion, moving to the Gate 47, Oppression, and we are AGAIN working with energy that is all about engaging in conversations about possibility.  If you lift your mind up, keep open to the answers appearing in your outer reality (NOT YOUR HEAD!) and trust, all of your questions have the possibility of being answered.  Be ready for those middle-of-the-night epiphanies.  And don’t drive yourself nuts.  The truth and the possibilities, including the “how” will show up.  Be patient.

Jupiter is in the Gate 64, Doubt and Suspicion and will be nicely parked here for a while.  Everything I said in the previous paragraph applies here to.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Experiment with what you think is true and trust in the timing of the Divine Epiphany.  Be patient.

The outer planets are dancing a steady and slow dance, teaching us to surrender to something larger than our personal self, to be in Service to the Divine, to trust in Divine Timing, to let go and embrace the infinite nature of our power, to remember that we are not in charge and that life gets oh-so-much-sweeter when we surrender and let the Universe handle all the details.

Dance, sing, rest, meditate, dream, follow the 3-D clues and you’ll end up exactly where you need (and want) to be.

Have a great week!!



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Hexagram 50 – The Cauldron – The Gate of Values

Affirmation:  I establish the rules for my reality.  I take care and nourish myself so that I may take care and nourish others.  Everything I do for others, I do for myself first in order to sustain my energy and power.  I rule with self-love and then love freely.

Writing Assignment: 

1.  What new rules do you need to play by?  Do I need to create new rules in my relationships, my business, for my health, wealth and welfare?

2.  Do I love myself?  Do I need to nurture myself more?  Do I have the strength and foundation to love freely?  Do I feel safe in love?

EFT Setup:  Even though it’s hard for me to give and receive love, I now choose to be completely open to receiving and sharing deep and unconditional love starting first by deeply and completely loving and accepting myself first.