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My husband and I have “date night” every Saturday night.  Last weekend we watched the movie, American Sniper.  I’m not going to argue whether it was politically correct or not.  No matter what your political persuasion, it was a very well done and deeply disturbing movie.

It was probably more disturbing for me personally because I was coming off of a week of feeling the pain of the world pretty deeply.  I’m not one of those Lightworkers who avoids the news, although I understand why someone would choose to not pay attention to the horrors that show up on the CNN news feed.

I like to read the news and then take a minute to use the deep emotional trigger that I almost always experience when I read the news, to fuel an intentional prayer and visualize a peaceful, sustainable world where we are all safe, have enough food, have the opportunity to fully explore and express our unique individual potential….

But last week the planetary transits made us all feel a bit more sensitive and, for me, reading the news left me feeling pretty raw.

And then we saw American Sniper and I totally lost it.

I had nightmares for days, snuggled for an extra long time with my five-year-old, called all my family members and told them I love them…

Even though I’m a little woo-woo with my spirituality, I’m a pragmatist. I totally and absolutely believe that we can create peace on the planet and I know that for that to happen we have to really understand the nature of Love and what we need to do to really express a reality rooted in Love.

World peace is not going to be created with candle light rituals, crystals, past life regressions, or, most importantly through sacrifice.

True Love does not involve martyrdom.

True Love is strong and powerful, not fluffy and weak.  Love gives us the power to lift cars off people, to forge forward and to do the seemingly impossible.

I think sometimes we think love means live and let live.  Accept everything.  Judge nothing.  And that being truly loving means turning the other cheek and allowing others to abuse you, take advantage of you and mistreat you.  Or allowing the same for others.

I think I understand these spiritual concepts as much as I can from my human perspective. I’ve been a conscious student of Spirit since I was 18 years old (and I’m much older than that now….)  Over the years I’ve spend on this planet, I’ve seen people distort and twist the concept of love into some pretty weird pretzels.

Love is never about allowing yourself to be abused or allowing abuse.  Love is not about putting on a mask and being someone you’re not to please someone.  It’s not about giving up what you want or not asking for what you need.

Love is strong and powerful and has the courage to say “no” to things that are not loving.  Love is open to win/win solutions. Real love honors and accepts you for the wondrous being you are.

Love says “no” to things like physical violence, rape, murder, pillage, terrorism, starvation, lack of educational opportunities, and any other circumstance on this planet that makes your heart sick.

If you look at the blueprint for humanity (the Human Design chart), you’ll see that the energy for love and defense is complex, emotional and rooted in primal life force.  In the low expression of being human, it’s easy for us to be vengeful, hold on to the past, forget to take our direction from Spirit, fight, struggle, provoke and basically go koo-koo.

And for those of us who are really clever and a little too tender-hearted we can also avoid all emotional intensity and hide out in our heads and try to fix things with mental solutions and “consciousness”.

To truly live the power of Love, you have to know how to act in the name of Love and ALSO stay in the consciousness of Love.  You need head and heart.

What does that mean?

(It means a lot of things and I am certainly not going to get in my ego and pretend like I know the meaning or the “how” of all of this.  My intention here is to open up a dialogue to help us collectively expand and deepen our definition of Love so that we can live it even more fully here on Planet Earth.)

I’ll start by making a list.  Please feel free to add your input in the comment section.  I really want to hear what you think, feel and intuit about this.

It means:

1.  For things to evolve on the planet we have to start with our minds and our consciousness.  Everything in form started first as a thought somewhere.  For us to create a world that is sustainable and peaceful, we have to see and believe that it’s possible.  (We only made it to the moon when people began believing it was a possibility and that it could be done.  Only then did the details then revealed themselves.)

Our consciousness AND our emotional energy are very, very powerful and creative.  What we feel and believe collectively spins the web of our world experience.  What we experience in life is a reflection of our collectively held beliefs and emotions.

Like it or not, lack consciousness is still very pervasive on the planet.  The world is clearly reflecting this back to us.  Global warming, war, starvation, terrorism…  The collective mindset creates this.

The power to change this lies within ourselves first.

2.  Our collective consciousness is the compilation of the level of consciousness of each and every one of us.  We are vital pieces of the whole.

For the world to shift, enough people have to believe and BE in the consciousness of abundance and create a “tipping point” that shifts the consciousness of the majority of people on the globe.

What you think and feel about abundance is very important and tending to your own mindset is one of the most important things you can do to Live Love on the planet.

3.  Your life is a holographic representation of the whole.  You are a fragment of the Divine and your piece is very, very important.

If we are to live in a loving world, we have to start first by loving ourselves.

If you can’t stand in front of the mirror and read a love letter out loud to yourself and really mean it and feel it, you probably have some serious work to do.

If you can’t say “NO” to the things in your life that are not honoring and loving of you, then you must get to work now.  The age of martyrdom is over.

You loving yourself is also one of the most important things you can do to live love on the planet.  (That’s why I teach Human Design.  I think it’s one of the most powerful tools around to help you discover/remember how truly magnificent you really are….AND, personally, I don’t CARE what modality you use to learn to love  yourself.  Just do it!)

4.  Be mindful of holding on the past, not forgiving, the deliciousness of vengeance and revenge, the impulsive nature of violence, both physical and verbal and forgetting to connect first with Source before you take any kind of action…

True Love is forgiving, does not seek vengeance, is nonviolent and always asks Source to reveal the highest expression of Love available.

But remember, that true Love says “no” in a healthy, empowered way.

5.  Stay in love.  You are a nexus in a web of love.  You are here to anchor the vibration of love on the planet.  Cultivate the feeling of love in your heart and anchor it.  Make it your touchstone for when you get pushed out of that loving place.

Last week when the horrors I read about on the CNN page kept intruding into my meditation, I placed my hand on my heart and shifted my awareness to how much I love my husband, our children, my brother, my sister, my friends, my clients and this sacred work I get to do in this life.

Once I felt that feeling I could radiate that energy on the situations on the globe that I found so disturbing and stay “in love”.

6.  Take loving action.  Do something each week that actively moves us towards the manifestation of love on the planet.  Do it with the intention of being “in love” not out of guilt, sorrow or to ameliorate your personal pain.  If you don’t know what to do…Pray.  Ask the Universe to guide you to the most loving act you can commit.

And, if you’re in a personal situation that is fraught with intense energy and you don’t know what to do, do the same.  Pray for guidance about taking loving action.

It’s Valentines Day.  A simple complicated day.  A day filled with expectation, love and sometimes pain and disappointment.

Make a commitment today to simply stay “in love” and make it the most authentic loving day possible.

I am so excited to hear your feedback!!!!!

What else would you add to this list?