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I was listening to an incredible teleclass today.  The information in the class was pretty amazing and it was fun to be a student for a change.

Even though I was enjoying the information tremendously, I couldn’t help but focus on what the host shared at the beginning of the call.  He was talking about how he had recently witnessed the birth of his niece and how moved he was by the purity of this precious baby and what an incredible experience it was to see a human being in such a state of receptivity and allowance.


That really blew me away.  For so many reasons…

First of all, it was so beautiful to hear this man celebrate with his heart the beauty and awe of welcoming another magnificent human onto the planet.  I was a midwife at the start of my career and there is nothing as precious as witnessing the arrival of a newly incarnated soul.

Human Design is, to me, just like midwifery.  I feel like every time I give a reading, I’m witnessing the preciousness of an incarnated soul.  You might not be new to the planet.  But for so many of you, when we do your reading, it’s like you’re being seen for the first time and that preciousness of Who You Truly Are is so palpable and humbling.

Secondly, I was really thinking about the power of being receptive or in a state of allowing.

In the Human Design chart, the diamond shape in the middle of the chart is called the G-Center.  Sometimes you’ll here it referred to as the Identity Center.  The G-Center is the center for love and direction.  The G-Center aligns us with our life direction and takes us where we need to go to master love of every kind.

All of the Gates in the G-Center are in some way connected to love and empowerment.  I recently made a video about lovability and the G-Center for my Bounce Back from Burnout class and the information in the video is so crucial that I want to share it here with you.  (It’s about 45 minutes long.  I invite you to give yourself the gift of time to listen to it.)

Bounce Back from Burnout - Lovability
Bounce Back from Burnout – Lovability

The part that I want you to really tune into is this:

We are designed to be fully supported in the fulfillment of our destiny.  We are most powerful when we are in a state of total allowance or receiving.  In fact, the energy for RECEIVING is directing connected to the Sacral, the most powerful motor in the body…

When you are living a life that is in alignment with Who You Truly Are, you are designed to receive everything you need to create what you want.

If this isn’t happening for you right now, we need to talk.  You need…you DESERVE…to get everything you want out of life.

Not only for yourself, but for the world.  Being yourself, taking your place in the Divine Puzzle of Humanity, is the greatest gift you can give the world.  The world needs healthy, whole, dynamic people who live in a state of abundance.

There is so much more you can give and create from that place of allowance and receiving.

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Here’s to you remembering how amazing and breathtaking you truly are!!!  Here’s to you receiving all the support and good that is coming to you!!!
Have a great weekend and thank you for all of your support and for honoring me with the joy of witnessing your re-birth.