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We are now solidly in the third quarter.  Every quarter starts with a bit of “dreamy” energy, energy that asks us to slow down and take stock of where we are.  The last couple of weeks have felt dreamy and a bit tense as we’ve been looking at our trajectory and evaluating what needs to change in order for us to grow.

This week we start with strong momentum as we move into the Gate 53, Beginnings, in the Sun.  The Gate 53 is the energy for starting things.  But, it’s a tricky energy, especially because it’s paired with the Gate 54, Drive, which gives us a lot of BIG ideas…

Here’s the trick…

One of the things that is difficult to master in Human Design is that there is a master plan for the unfolding of your life.  Your thoughts, ideas and inspirations are amazing AND, if you’re not following them correctly, you can be all over the place, starting all kinds of things and going nowhere really, really fast.

The Gate 53 gives us the energy or the pulse for “right timing”.  When we listen carefully and pay attention to the clues, we know when the time is right to start.  With the Gate 54, we also learn to trust that our ideas will unfold greater than we can even imagine if we let go and let Divine Order unfold.

So, the real trick this week is to stay inspired.  Enjoy your inspiration and only follow the inspirations that present themselves correctly to you according to your Type and Strategy.  And, yes, that means for most of you, it’s all about waiting for the Universe to show you the clues to the next step…

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 12, Caution, moving to the Gate 15, Extremes.  We start the week looking for the right words to express ourselves and our knowing and end the week with saying either too much or not enough.  The goal this week is to remember that your words give form and with all the energy of beginning, use your words carefully to talk about your intentions and make sure that your communication has the ultimate intention of being of service.

Venus is in the Gate 29, Perseverance.  We value commitment this week and with this energy we have the tenacity to lay the foundation of what we want and wait for the right timing.

Mars starts the week in the Gate 52, Keeping Still, moving to the Gate 39, Provocation on Thursday.  With this subtle influence, it will be easy to feel all revved up with no place to go, especially on Wednesday.  By Thursday, the momentum kicks in.  But, again, be mindful of right timing.  The Gate 39 can put pressure on us but if the timing is incorrect, this energy can really push others away instead of inspiring them to corporate with us.

The outer planets hold steady helping us discover the right answers to activating abundance and resources on the planet.  We are thinking about what needs to happen to make the world sustainable and prosperous for everyone.  We are correcting old patterns, initiating new ideas and standing on the edge of the frontier of possibility as we look to the future and think about what we need to do to create an era of sustainable peace.

Have a wonderful week!