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Available Human Design Courses

Mystical Circuit Class

Welcome to the Mystical Circuit Class – UHD Summer Camp 2020

This class is a series of 14 lessons originally taught in the Summer, 2018.  There will also be a 3 hour Intensive currently scheduled for August 23, 2020 from 9 AM- Noon Central.

Lessons will be released every couple of days in August 2020.

How to do a Sacral Session

This is recording of a sample sacral session that Karen did.  And under the session is the link to the pdf on how to do a Sacral Session

Money by Design 2019

Are you ready to take your place in the New Economy?

Are you ready to create a new relationship with money, support, abundance and faith?

There are three vital steps in the money creation process that need to happen before you can manifest what you want in your life.

• You have to know what you want. (And the truth is, most of us don’t actually know what we truly want….)

• You have to believe you can have it. (Even if you don’t know how to make it happen.)

• You have to take Right Action to get it. (And stop trying every idea that leaps through your beautiful head…)

As simple as these three steps are, it’s hard to implement them if you don’t know who you are and how you operate. The truth is, most of us have forgotten who we really are and very few of us actually know how we operate. Most of us have been taught to go out into the world and “make it happen”. Yet, only one in 25 of us can actually “make it happen” in that way.

Not only that, the way in which we create is changing. The value we give the world isn’t going to be measured in the same way any more. You need to learn the new ways to create and how to stand between the energies of the “old” way and the “new” way and still feel supported and powerful.

You’re about to discover that the answer isn’t “out there” at all. It’s about realignment and living in your power.

This program is not for cowards. I’m going to invite you to let go of some pretty big paradigms and see yourself and your life from a radically different perspective.

The world needs you to be the magnificent, beautiful and powerful being you truly are!

This is a series of 11 video lessons with an Bonus Introductory Session (12 lessons) with Weekly exercises to help you shatter your old limitations and deepen your awareness of your unique energy blueprint so you can bring out your personal best and create a big financial breakthrough.

Also included a BONUS interview with Dr. Amit Goswami – see Bonus Class.

Courage by Design

Courage Course icon

There are four video lessons and BONUS material from a class Karen taught in 2016.

Discover ways for you to push through the limits of fear and create a strong, healthy and empowered life.  If you want to stop letting fear keep you from saying “YES” to all the things you dream of AND you want to be healthier, stronger and more resilient, you’ve got to stop being afraid….

You deserve to activate your courage!

Inside the Body of God Class

Inside the Body of God Class

This program is based on my book, Inside the Body of God and goes through each chapter of the book to help you deeply integrate the principles that will help you stay resilient during times of massive change.

During the 4-hour recorded virtual retreat, we’re going to be talking about your Human Design chart, looking at the places where you may be sensitive and vulnerable to being influenced by outside energies.  You’re going to learn new strategies to help you stay aligned with your own needs, direction and energy so that you can stay connected to your authentic self and your inner guidance, no matter what’s going on around you.

The recorded retreat is broken into 3 sections/lessons.

The Centers

This is a series of 10 self-study, video lessons will help you understand the gifts, the strengths, the purpose and how to master the challenges of your Human Design Centers.

You’ll also learn how to De-Condition your energy so that you can reclaim your vitality, be clear about what you want and know exactly what you need to do to get it.

Sleep by Design

sleep by Design

This is an video excerpt on Sleep by Design from Karen’s 2014 Conference.  Goes through why sleep is so important and some of the Human Design Type necessities.

Transform Your Relationships

Transform Your Relationship, created for couples to help you improve your communication, understand and accept each other and break old patterns in your relationship that are keeping you from fully activating the love potential in your relationship. There is over 6.5 hours of recorded video lessons and another 2 hours of Bonus Material.

Life Purpose in the Chart

QAS -Conscious Sun
This is a 2 hour + Human Design Specialty Class on Life Purpose in the Chart.  Also included in the replay of the special early-bird Life Purpose class Karen taught to the Understanding Human Design Early-bird Members

Intuition by Design

surreal woman, fortune teller

Welcome to Intuition by Design 2017

This is a series of 6 (six) recorded lesson videos, approximately 4 hours of class.  There is no Q&A’s.  Bring questions to Karen’s monthly Community call. Please note that Intuition by Design 2013 was a BONUS for students who registered for the class in 2017 and is not included.

Quantum Heart Activation Virtual Retreat

power of love. concept with lightning on heart. 3d illustration

This is a course was taught LIVE on May 26, 2019.

The key here to getting these benefits (and more) and to really changing the energy of the planet is to have the proper skills to open up your Heart. There is a real science to knowing how to harness the amazing power of your Heart.

Please look for the replays and handouts on the lesson pages.

Courage Revisited – Gates of the Spleen

amazing dark-haired Japanese samurai woman, a young girl in

Welcome to Courage Revisited – the Gates of the Spleen

This is a two video lessons where Karen presents a more quantum view on the “Fear Gates” of the Spleen Center.

These lessons were originally broadcast as part of the Quantum Alignment Show

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