The Newest Human Design Community Launches April 15th to the public.

however, you can get early access now!

You have a unique opportunity to be an ‘early adopter’ and ground the community in our early open discussion groups.

Courses and training about Human Design added every two weeks. The subjects will be determined by member questions, ideas and interests. Possible courses include:
Specific Type Strategy
and more.

What you’ll get as a member:

  • New Easy to follow Design-by-Type Courses
  • New courses added twice per month
  • Bonus courses, calls and extras only available elsewhere by purchase – included here!
  • Community and discussions for Projectors, Generators, Manifestors, Reflectors and Manifesting Generators!
  • Training and Monthly Q & A

Here’s a sampling of the possible courses you’ll have access to:

We will be a planning courses monthly based upon the interest of the members to make sure we are meeting your needs.

You will also be part of the following communities!

Monthly Q&A Calls with Karen Parker

Hi! My name is Karen Curry. I am a 4/6 Manifesting Generator. I am a Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist. I also am certified to do Life Cycle Readings, Family Analysis, Business Readings, Soul Purpose Readings, Sacral Sessions, Generator Coaching and Relationship Readings.

I have over 14 years experience working with Human Design. I have done over 7,000 readings. I am also the founder of the Human Design for Everyone Training Program. Most importantly, I am the mother of five children who have been raised according to their Type and Strategy.

I believe that Human Design is a powerful tool that can truly change the world. I love sharing Human Design with people because I love to watch my clients and students fall madly in love with themselves, sometimes for the first time in their lives!

I am the author of #1 bestselling book, Understanding Human Design and many other books.

“This the first time that I have done anything (besides Chinese medicine) that read to me like a book. I was honestly stunned. It was more confirmation that my inclinations are generally right for me, and in accordance with my human design energy blueprint. I think about my Healing by Human Design experience daily as I make decisions. This is a powerful framework around which to make decisions about staying healthy.”

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