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Imagine this for a moment.  Close your eyes and see in your mind’s eye a bountiful, flowing river.  That river is your abundance.  To be in the flow of this “river of abundance” you have many options.  You can jump in, swim across, float on an inner tube, scoop some of the water out of the river and put it in buckets and carry them home, cross the river via bridge or stones placed in strategic places…There are many ways to enjoy the river.

The energy of abundance is just like this river.  It’s steady, ample, fluid and moving in an expansive way.  There are an infinite number of ways to enjoy this river.  But to really get the most out of this river, you have to discover the way that is easiest and works best for you.

If you’ve rented a jet-ski, and you hate the sound they make and the speed at which they travel and you’d really rather be kayaking, you’re not going to get the most out of the river.  If you’re trying to swim across but you don’t have the strength and the endurance, being in the river might even kill you.

The problem isn’t that the river is dangerous or only accessible to an exclusive group of people.  The problem is that you’re trying to get into the river in a way that you don’t enjoy and isn’t making the best use of your energy.

Abundance is.  It’s like a song that is just waiting for a composer and musicians to come along and play it.  It’s steady, consistent and always accessible to us.

But you have to interface with your abundance in the way that’s right for you.

For years we’ve been teaching people that your thoughts, works, actions and beliefs create your reality and determine how you interact with the flow of abundance.  While I agree 100% that this is true, that’s only part of the story.  There is more to aligning with the natural flow of abundance than just using our minds and creating out of our heads.

You have to also be aligned with your specific mechanical way of interfacing with the river of abundance.  We all get into the flow of the river differently and for you to stay consistently and sustainably abundant, you have to be living true to your Human Design and your unique energy blueprint.

As you’ve seen there are many potential combinations in a Human Design chart:

  • 5 Types
  • 6 Authorities
  • 9 Centers
  • 12 Profiles
  • 26 Channels and 64 Gates
  • 192 Incarnation Crosses

You are a unique combination of all of these elements and understanding yourself and the intricate subtitles of your chart is a beautiful and worthwhile process.  But, in the name of keeping it simple, the most important – and easy – element that you need to know to help you activate the full nature of your abundance is your Human Design Type.

Each Type has a special way of creating and experiencing abundance.  Your Human Design Type is the fundamental essence of your energy structure.  Your Type determines how you manifest, what kind of things you need to do to stay aligned with your abundance, your purpose and your wealth theme.

Your Human Design Type carries a specific “vibration” that calls into your life the exact kinds of experiences you need to have to engage with your abundance in a way that is joyful and sustainable.  But you have to act in ways that are true to your Type in order to experience the full effect of your energetic “vibration”.

When we don’t act or live true to our Type, it can actually push support away and make it challenging to step into the river of abundance that is waiting for us.  So many times we think, when things don’t work out, that we are “broken” or blocked, but in reality, what I’ve found over the years is simply that we aren’t accessing our abundance correctly and that simply following your Strategy according to your Human Design Type is all that’s necessary to “fix” what seems to not be working.

Your Type sets the stage for your abundance.  It tells you how your energy works, what you need to do to tap into your abundance correctly, key strategies for sustaining abundance in your life so that you can avoid “boom and bust” cycles and burnout, your wealth theme.  When you live true to your Type, you create flow, experience opportunities, synchronicities and take right action.

There are five Types in the Human Design System.  Each Type has a different role, quality of energy, theme and unique challenges.  Understanding your Type is the most important information you need to know about your Human Design.  If you live true to your energy Type, all of the other pieces of your chart will come together.

In the next section of this chapter you will learn about each Type’s life purpose, wealth theme, strategy, emotional theme and challenges plus some simple strategies to help each Type get aligned with their natural wealth.

Each Type has a unique life purpose and decision-making strategy which is crucial for making correct choices that are in alignment with your way of creating abundance.

Every Type also has an emotional theme.  Your emotional theme is the most common emotion you experience, both from within yourself and from others.  You will always experience this emotional theme, even if you live completely true to yourself.  The key is to understand the nature of your emotional theme and to not let it create a self-destructive emotional reaction.

Your wealth theme is what each Type needs to honor and allow in order to create abundance.  If you are not following your wealth theme, you’re not accessing the full potential of your energy and your abundance in a way that is sustainable, healthy or joyful.