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The Alchemy by Design Program which helps you master the mechanics of the Law of Attraction and how your Human Design influences what you attract and create.  But, you can instantly create a new reality when you know how to tap into the Quantum Field.

If you’ve been working hard, visualizing, affirming, imagining, focusing, and you’re still not getting what you’re trying to create, it’s not your fault.

As humans, we’ve been experimenting with alchemy and magic and ways to create what we want for 1000’s of years.  Modern science is giving us new and powerful formulas to tap into the Quantum Field of Possibility, rewire our genetic programming, change our neurobiology and create an amazing life.

During this class you will:

  1. Discover your unique energy blueprint (your Human Design) and how this blueprint is a map that shows you your unique way to tap into the Quantum Field of Possibility.
  2. Uncover what is really holding you back from creating what you want.  (Hint:  It’s not just mindset or not doing the “right” things.  Your genetics, intergeneration energy patterns, what you’ve been taught about who you are and your energy blueprint play a crucial role in what and how you create.  You’re going to learn leading-edge scientific techniques to help you reprogram yourself and your cells for success and abundance.)
  3. Discover how to unlock the magic of synchronicity and learn to interpret the signals the Universe is sending you so you can harness energy and powers greater than you on your own.
  4. Learn a step-by-step program to help you craft a plan of action, healing and alignment with your Destiny so that 2017 becomes the year you initiate the launch sequence to living an amazing life
  5. Learn meditations, ancient rituals and key astrological dates to help you ground your spiritual practice in your daily life so you can keep your energy vibrations high and aligned with what you’re manifesting in your life.
  6. Change the expression of your DNA so that you can release ancient family patterns and from your genetic lineage so that you can tap into better health, greater abundance and a life that is deliberate and fundamentally creative.
  7. Learn new and powerful techniques that show you how to tap into the Quantum Field of Possibility so that you can redefine your old stories and access higher expressions of your unique Energy Blueprint and stop letting past fears, resistance, old stories, pain and trauma keep you from doing what you came here to do.

This is a series of 8 pre-lessons and a recorded 6 hour Intensive taught in January 2017.