September 10-12, 2021 


featuring live and virtual attendance options

Join us for this transformative, three-day networking and learning experience. There are a limited number of live, in-person attendance tickets, as well as virtual attendance options.

If you just started exploring Human Design, or you are an experienced practitioner, there is something for you!

You will be inspired to BE who you are meant to be and DO what you came here to do in alignment with WHO you are!

Experience our engaging workshops, visionary speakers, and expert practitioners – all committed to teach and help you better understand your Human Design and apply your design to all aspects of your life.


Join publishers and experts Karen Curry Parker and Michelle Vandepas to transform the creative potential of your writing!

Writing by Design is a unique deep dive into the world of writing your book through the lens of your Human Design. Conference attendees can experience this course for a fraction of the course’s normal price.

This bonus session will take place live on the morning of Friday, September 10th, before the start of conference. If you plan to attend live, be sure to make accommodations accordingly.

Live events are hosted at the historic Cliff House at Pikes Peak in gorgeous Manitou Springs, Colorado. Limited in-person tickets available! 

Human Design - Writing By Design


Alternatively, guests may contact the sales office directly to book or inquire about any questions and concerns as follows:

Kristin Eurich: 719-785-2422     keurich@thecliffhouse.com

When sending an email or leaving a voicemail message, it is helpful if the guest provides the following information:

 First and Last Name, arrival date, departure date, number of adults, number of children, and desired room type (or most affordable available).

FIND YOUR LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE and step into your highest creative potential

Friends having fun together

Feel like you’ve come home and found your people. Connect during social hours, break-out sessions, networking events, and even virtual hang-outs. 

The conference will be held at The Cliff House, a historic Colorado retreat nestled at the foot of America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak. We plan to fill the venue with Human Design incredibleness and are so excited to see some of your faces in person after all this time.

Manitou Springs is a fun-filled, unique city with plenty to do. We encourage you to come a few days early or stay a few days late! You’ll want to soak in the mountain air (and maybe a mountain hot spring), explore all the local shops, and get a taste of all the rich food. Make sure to book your hotel room, at a discount rate, in our venue hotel, The Cliff House.

We will also continue to stream the conference online for anyone who is interested in attending virtually. Reaching members of our community, wherever they might physically be, will always be a priority. We are grateful for the ways that recent virtual adaptations, such as live streaming, have facilitated those connections on a larger scale. There will even be a few, exclusive events for our virtual guests as well – we promise you won’t be left out!

Our speakers

This conference features keynotes and breakout sessions from Human Design leaders all across the globe. Together, their expertise encompasses a wide range of topics and perspectives.

Here is a list of our confirmed speakers to date. We know you will love them! 

Karen Parker

Karen Parker

Human Design Expert & Author

Karen Curry Parker is an expert in Quantum Human Design and developed a system to help explore the relationship between Quantum Physics and Human Design. She’s the creator of Quantum Conversations, a successful podcast with over 90,000 downloads in less than twelve months, and two systems of Human Design: Quantum Human DesignTM and the Quantum Alignment SystemTM. Multiple news outlets, radio shows, and tele-summits have featured her work on their programs.

Karen is also the author of numerous bestselling books all designed to help you create the life you were destined to live and find and embrace the purpose of your existence.

Amber Clements

Amber Clements

Human Design

Amber is a rare Human Design Reflector. She is a self-proclaimed collector of experiences. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree in Communication, in addition to being a Certified Human Design Specialist. Amber has had various experiences in work, study, travel, lifestyle, and relationships, living true to her design working as an entertainer, a high school teacher, an adventure tour leader, trainer, coach and author. She spent 10 years working in the corporate world as an Organizational Change Manager, which eventually led to burn out. Discovering Human Design changed her life course. Being a Reflector can be challenging, however channeling that energy correctly has allowed her to learn, grow and share this incredible tool through coaching sessions helping others become aware of their type so they can also live a more purposeful life.


Kim Gould

Kim Gould

Human Design

Kim Gould is a leading innovator and practitioner of Human Design. Working with multiple layer charts, Holographic HD life cycles, asteroids and feminine DNA, Kim brings a more fluid approach to Human Design. She loves to write about the emergent edge of current events and consciousness through a Human Design lens, as well as teaching, mentoring, coaching and professional training.

Robin Winn

Robin Winn


Robin Winn, MFT is the bestselling author of Understanding Your Clients through Human Design: The Breakthrough Technology; and Understanding the Centers in Human Design: The Facilitator’s Guide to Transforming Pain into Possibility..
Twenty-five years into her work as a licensed marriage and family therapist she was introduced to Human Design. This transformational knowledge marked a turning point, opening a door of clarity and compassion. Human Design empowered her work with clients in surprising and unexpected ways. Robin is a writer, speaker, transformational coach, founder and director of the training programs for coaches and therapists: Understanding Your Self through Human Design; and, Understanding Your Clients through Human Design.
She lives on Maui with her wife, Yarrow.

Alana Heim

Alana Heim

Human Design

Alana Heim is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner™, a Certified Human Design Level 4 Specialist, and a Quantum Alignment System Level 3 Practitioner. Alana is the owner of Prosperity Alignment Inc. and serves as a 5D Prosperity Facilitator, supporting the evolution of prosperity consciousness.

After working over fifteen years in the Public Accounting industry, Alana realized her expertise was needed in a unique role of providing financial guidance to those struggling with their relationship with self and money. She guides individuals, couples, business owners, and financial advisors to align who they are with what they want, so they can achieve sustainable prosperity personally, professionally, and financially. Alana is a 1/3 Emotional Projector. She lives in Reno, Nevada with her Projector husband Mike, their 13 year-old Projector daughter, Tayla, and their 7 year-old Generator twins, Hazel, and Hunter.


Brynja Magnusson

Brynja Magnusson

Writer and Illustrator

Brynja Magnusson is a writer and illustrator in topics of energetics, mysticism, and spirituality.  While pursuing her apprenticeships in these areas, she began creating illustrated guidebooks to bridge others who are interested into these niche areas of study.  Creator of Animal Totems and the I Ching and the Human Design Deck, Brynja publishes her own notes as a way of both learning and sharing.  For over 10 years she has been studying tools such as the I Ching, animal archetypes, and healing modalities that address untreatable or undiagnosable chronic pain and illness. After several life-altering spiritual encounters in nature resulting in the recovery from chronic illness, the study of spirituality has been her sole focus and career through modalities such as Shamanism, Eastern Spirituality, manual therapies, rituals, initiations, and nature immersion.

Speaker Coming Soon

Speaker Coming Soon

Speaker Coming Soon

Speaker Coming Soon

Keynote Speaker to be announced soon!

Keynote Speaker to be announced soon!

2021 Conference lineup


September 10th, 2021

Pre-Conference Bonus Writing by Design workshop with Karen curry parker and Michelle vandepas

opening night cocktail hour and networking

special keynote event


September 11th, 2021

morning speaker and inspiration

breakout sessions and topic specific workshops

lunch hour networking and connection 

Featued speaker 


September 12th, 2021

morning coffee community time

workshops and activities

closing keynote and inspiration

Make sure to book your accommodations at our featured host venue!

Held at the beautiful Cliff House Boutique Hotel in Manitou Springs Colorado. Discounted rates for conference attendees!