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There’s a promise in Human Design that may be a different kind of promise than you’ve heard before.If you’re like most of the people who are drawn to Human Design, you’ve probably been on a quest to discover how to create success in your life for a while. Maybe you’ve taken a couple of personal growth workshops, hired a life coach or read a lot of spiritual and personal development books.

You’ve probably played with some big spiritual ideas, too, like “surrender” and “release the ego,” “living in the now” and “aligning with abundance,” but you’ve experienced resistance or confusion inside of yourself.

Most personal growth or business products promise more love, more money or better health. These programs are often led by wealthy, charismatic individuals who have the energy to command a room or a large audience. The principles they teach are truth and presented in such a way that implies, “If I can do it, you can too.”

The “I can do it and you can too” model is a nice idea, a wishful idea. I’m not in any way saying that these teachers and leaders aren’t on to something that has, in most cases, worked very well for them. And can even work very well for some others like them.

But, we’re all different.

And because of our unique differences, what is possible for each of us is different. Some of us are designed for and truly desire massive financial wealth. Some of us will be giant body-builders; others will be skinny hammock dwellers. Some of us are real “Go Getters” by design and some of us will simply be at the right place at the right time and magic will happen.

There are many paths to abundance, about 7 billion by my last reckoning, and none of them is wrong, less than perfect or “un”-abundant.

If you look at the Human Design chart as a map for the possibility of humanity, within the chart is the promise of abundance. People are not designed to suffer, be broke, starve, experience pain, etc. We are designed to be healthy, wealthy and abundant in every way.

But the way in which we each experience and create abundance will be unique to each and every one of us.

We are not all created the same. That doesn’t mean that we don’t all have the same potential for wealth, health, good relationships and happiness. It’s just that we are each uniquely designed to create in our own special ways and what we define as wealth, health, good relationships and happy is different for each of us.

While the traditional ways of creating success work very well for some people who are designed to achieve success in that way, for others, the traditional path to success is a path of frustration, bitterness, burnout and exhaustion.

Human Design helps you understand your unique creative style and it also helps you define what success really means for you. Some of us are designed to really want and desire loads of financial wealth. Some of us feel fabulously wealthy when we have the freedom to spend time with our loved ones. Some of us dearly want to find fulfilling work. Others don’t want to work at all.

Neither of these things is wrong. They are simple different variations on what it can mean to “be successful.”

Society and our conditioning have a powerful hold over us and we can often feel that our own personal definitions of success are lazy, weak, silly or even ridiculous by society’s standards. There are “rules” we have to follow to create success, such as “hard work is the only way to make money.”

But not all of us can follow the “rules” very well. And for many of us, the “rules” simply don’t work. A “one size fits all” approach to creating a happy, successful life doesn’t make sense if we’re all different.

The struggle to “fit in,” “belong” and to embrace society’s definition of what is “right” and “successful” is really just about energy. The way we feel about ourselves, the “rules” and values that society dictates for us, the way we react to life is dictated by our own energy field and by the bigger collective energy field.

The Human Design chart is your personal electrical schematic. It’s a map to show you what kinds of energies are consistent for you and which energies you take in from the world around you.

When you know who you are and how your personal energy field operates, you discover your own inner authority that helps you navigate your way through the collective energy field. You may discover that you are in agreement with certain beliefs and energies that society holds dear and you may find that, in other areas, you are different.

The current trends in personal growth information claim that if you’re not experiencing “wild success” by society’s definition, then it may be a result of subconscious beliefs, traumas or problems with your “success” mindset. Again, these aspects are important. I’m not saying that your beliefs, past experience or your attitude won’t influence your success.

But often what is truly “blocking” us from creating the life we love, is a fundamental misunderstanding of what is truly right for us. We try to “reach for”, create or manifest this elusive concept of success that has been defined outside of our inner authority and, while it seems kind of appealing, underneath it all your True Self knows that that definition of success is not right for you.

Instead of allowing the life that’s right for you, we keep pounding away with different “manifesting” techniques and tools trying to blast away those “limits” that might actually be keeping you from creating something that isn’t right for you in the first place.

This whole idea can be scary at first. We are so conditioned to receive our direction from outside of ourselves that if we give ourselves permission to let our own inner authority take control of our lives we worry that maybe we are somehow doomed to be broke, suffer or be lonely. We don’t trust our own inner guidance and we wrestle with the prospect of being in control of ourselves. If we’ve led a life that is “less than successful” we may even be instilled with ideas that we are somehow less than worthy of abundance or that we are natural “screw-ups”.

Don’t worry. No one is doomed by design.

Most of us grow up without a strong realization of who we really are. Our energy fields are influenced by others around us and we don’t always know what is our personal truth versus what we’ve been told to believe is truth. We often lose touch with our authentic self.

One of the greatest sources of pain in life is the disconnect between the self you perceive yourself to be and the authentic self. The greater the distance between the two, the more discordant and painful your life can be.

The pain of this discordance is not dysfunction or “brokenness”. This pain is simply the “alarm system” of the authentic self telling you that there is more for you here than you realize and it might not look like your head thinks it should look, but it is much, much better…

The more you learn about yourself, the more freedom you’ll have to operate in the world creating a life that is in alignment with what’s right for you. When you understand your energy blueprint you can become the person you truly are instead of struggling to be someone you’re not.

Human Design promises that when you live an authentic life, when you act with your inner authority and live true to yourself, you will be abundant.

You might not live in a giant mansion. You might not be wearing a 10 carat diamond ring. You might not be what society considers “rich” or famous.

But you will feel like you are the most abundant person in the world, because your life will be the perfect reflection of your true wants, desires and intentions. Your life will be the perfect life for YOU! (And really, does it matter to anyone else?)